Unawatuna has great weather!


 Transfer  from Colombo airport 55$ (minivan, passenger car)



from Colombo airport

55 $

(minivan, passenger car)


СигирияSigiriya is not just a rock, it is not clear where it came from on a flat plain. It is a stone reminder of what happens to those who forget about karma - the universal law of cause and effect.

In the V century. BC e. Kasapa, the illegitimate son of the then king of Datusena, afraid that power would not go to him, but to his brother, threw his own father off the cliff.

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АнурадхапураYou should go to Anuradhapura, presenting yourself not as a simple tourist, but as a pilgrim.

Then you can experience delight by sitting on the ground under the sacred Bo, the oldest tree on earth (a seedling brought from India 23 centuries ago, and still grows, but the Bodha tree itself has not survived ), or by touching the footprint of the Buddha, which he left while walking around the island.

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It is almost impossible to list all the interesting places that you can visit in Ceylon!
In the center of the island of Sri Lanka, in the so-called "Cultural Triangle", there are historical monuments protected by UNESCO: the cave Golden Temple in Dambula, the "lion's rock" + Sigiriya, Hindu and Buddhist temples of the most ancient citiesAnuradhapura and Polonnaruwa.
In the list of must-see places, any tourist is likely to include the following attractions:

Tea plantations and gems.

Of the hundreds of religious buildings, of particular interest are:

  • Temple of Embekke nearKandy
  • Скальный храм, Dambulla
  • Munneswaram, near Chilaw
  • Jumi-ul-Affar Juma Mosque, Petta
  • Holy Trinity Church in Nuwara Eliya.

If you prefer to relax on the beach before going in search of adventure, we will help you choose a route based on your wishes and financial resources.

Sample routes for independent travel in Sri Lanka:

Yalla National Park is located 309 km from Colombo and 150 km. From Unawatuna on the southeast coast of the island. A very popular place where one of the main entertainment takes place in the evening, when the heat subsides and animals come to the watering hole.

At this time, you can watch elephants, deer, buffaloes, crocodiles, monitor lizards, and other animals and birds at close range.