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UNAWATUNA is a small tourist village located in the south of Ceylon. The third largest city on the island, Galle, is located five kilometers away.

The magnificent beaches of Unawatuna nestled in the lagoon. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that the reef strip passing between the lagoon and the ocean during a storm plays the role of a breakwater, so a coastal wave is never dangerous. There is no official ban on swimming here due to bad weather.

Nature has created excellent conditions here for families with young children. There is a children's beach next to a Buddhist temple in the lagoon, the water there is clean and transparent, the bottom is mostly smooth, there is not deep - this part of the beach is closed by a double ridge of reefs. The water temperature in the lagoon is always so comfortable (28-30 *) that you can stay in it for hours. The length of the beach is about 1.5 km.

In the evenings, along the entire horseshoe-curving coast, numerous cafes, restaurants and jewelry stores light up with colorful lanterns, and the sound of music that reaches you invites you to a disco where you can dance, play Billiards or have a drink. Here you can not only enjoy sunbathing and swimming, but also surf, snorkeling, diving and fishing.

But Unawatuna, it's not just sun, air, and water. After walking from the beach 300-400m you will find yourself in the jungle, and here you will see a different world and new opportunities.