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Поездка дикаремThere are several important things to consider before your trip so as not to spoil your vacation. The first thing to look out for is the weather.

Ceylon is a fairly large island with a varied landscape and different natural conditions.

In some places in Sri Lanka, at certain times of the year, the coastal wave is dangerous and the authorities simply prohibit entry into the water or, for example, scenic places where rivers flow into the ocean are also not always suitable for bathing, because, even with light rain, the water level in the river rises and all coastal river debris flows onto the beaches of the ocean. Well, a pool with a high chlorine content is hardly what you are going to the ocean for. However, there are several lagoons on the island that are safe for swimming at any time of the year. A lagoon-reservoir, separated from the sea by a narrow strip of reclaimed sand or coral reefs. Due to their shelter, lagoons are often unique natural biotopes. They serve as a shelter for aquatic birds and small fish. Ecologically important lagoons are protected by international authorities.

Once you've decided on a beach, your next task is to find suitable accommodation. Hotel - guesthouse - private sector.

HOTEL - Hotel - a house with furnished rooms ("rooms") for temporary accommodation of travelers. Depending on the level of the hotel, they have additional services: restaurants, discos, casinos, swimming pools, etc.

GUESTHOUSE - The bed breakfast is a small private home where the owners rents out several bedrooms and also provides breakfast. In most cases, these houses are small mansions with individual layouts and services. As a rule, guests only spend nights in half-board, spending the day outside the house. Half board prices vary: they can be quite high (at the level of a 4-star hotel), and they can be moderate, especially if they are widespread practice in the area.

MOTEL is a small hotel, the entrance to the rooms of which is carried out from the street (from the car parking place). As a rule, motels have only one or two floors, the number of additional services and room types is minimal, which corresponds to the low cost of living. For many people, especially those who are constantly on the move in their cars, motels are convenient because of the absence of long registration formalities, the ability to have their car in sight; direct access from the street to the room is also an advantage for the disabled. The disadvantages of motels include their poor security and minimal maintenance.

The HOSTEL is a youth hotel that provides travelers with accommodation for a short time - as a rule, a bed in a dormitory room without additional amenities. Several strangers live in such rooms at the same time, which brings hostels closer to hostels. Hostels are in demand by lovers of inexpensive travel, so they focus mainly on financially constrained youth. The disadvantages of hostels include the need to live with strangers, the danger of theft.

When going on a trip to an exotic country, approach the choice of accommodation with special care.

If possible, choose accommodation with air conditioning, so that at any time you can dry the room and bed, and of course, without cracks and open ventilation grilles. which various insects can easily penetrate.

Of course, the better the accommodation is, the better your vacation will be.

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