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 Transfer  from Colombo airport 55$ (minivan, passenger car)



from Colombo airport

55 $

(minivan, passenger car)

Local kitchen

Местная кухняEven close to the European version, the cuisine in Sri Lanka is quite spicy. The most common dining option in hotels is the buffet.

If you are not a fan of spicy, ask the waiter repeatedly what you should take.

If about the specified dish he says: "Not spicy" - this is not a reason to heap a full plate full. When he says: "Not spicy at all" - this is closer to the truth, there will be a little pepper. For the inexperienced: it is better to eat spicy dishes with bread, and not wash down with water. Mineral water, like other drinks, is not included in the price of lunch and dinner.

Sri Lanka is especially favorable for vegetarians. It is not recommended to overuse local spirits. The main drink is arak (coconut moonshine) - even the locals don't drink much, but you can try a little for a change. Local gin and whiskey have a severe headache. Disinfection drink is best bought on the way during a transit landing in Dubai.

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