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 Transfer  from Colombo airport 55$ (minivan, passenger car)



from Colombo airport

55 $

(minivan, passenger car)

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Russian speaking guide

Русскоговорящий гидTo make fascinating and informative excursions to interesting places in Sri Lanka, we are pleased to offer you a guide (guide)

Our guide speaks Russian, so you will not experience any inconvenience in getting information.

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ИсторияCrown Prince Siddhartha Gautama, born 623 BC e. in North India, as you know, decided to find a way to get rid of suffering. Leaving the luxurious life in the palace, he shaved his head, put on a yellow robe and went on a wandering trip.

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Климат Шри-ЛанкиSri Lanka's climate is divided into two types: equatorial and subequatorial. The equatorial climate prevails in the west and south of the country, while the subequatorial climate is observed in the east and north.

The hottest month in Sri Lanka is April, when the thermometer rises to + 32C.

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